Angle & Throw meter Gen2 NEW!!

Angle & Throw gauge Gen2 Brand new development latest version generation 2 Smaller MEMS gyro OLED screen! Less parts. Bigger buttons. measures up to 0.1mm!!
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Angle & Throw meter

In house build by Digitech , designed by Daniel MAIORANO

This little gadget measures your surface throws in angle but also mm!

works very simple :

for angle just press reset on a flat service  , you see your degrees.

for throw measurement in mm :

you give the chord length , and the device will show you throws in mm! or even in 0.1mm


Power : you can use any lipo from 1S up to 3s

3.6 volts to 13 volts

nicad or nimh or a123 or lion also work

Manual in Fench and Spanish english Dutch download here

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