Jeti instruction video,s

Jeti instruction video,s

Jeti Transmitter Updates
Jeti Receiver Updates
Jeti Tx Gyros & Accelerometers (What The Hell Are They For?)

Jeti Devices:

Jeti Telemetry Helicopter & Drone Applications
Jeti Telemetry Turbine & EDF Applications
Jeti Telemetry Sailplane & Powered Airplane Applications
Power Redundancy with Jeti DSM 10 & DSM ESC
Jeti Pressure Sensors
Jeti Main Switch
Jeti Receiver Batteries
Jeti DS-14 BK Edition
Jeti Central Box 400 Power Distribution
Mezon ESC Programming
Jeti Switches and Stick Ends (Best Switch For My Jeti Radio)
B-25J Mitchell Testing
AXi 3D Extreme Motors with Jeti Integrated Telemetry
SBEC 30D Voltage Regulator with Telemetry

Radio System:

Screen Contrast & Telemetry On/Off
Basic & User Menu Edit
Servo Monitor
Configuration & Screenshots
Range & Servo Test
Stick/Switch View and Calibration
System Sound & Volume
Sound on Events & Proportional Controls
Dual Path Setup (Receiver Redundancy)
Wireless Trainer Setup with Jeti DS-6 and DS-24 Transmitters
Digital Trims & Auto-Trim
Device Explorer
Data Analyzer
Telemetry Controls
Telemetry Controls (Automatic Retract)
Telemetry Controls (Motor/Engine Overheating Protection)
JetiBox Emulator
Receiver Fail-Safe Setting
Stick and Switch Setup

Telemetry & Timers:

Telemetry / Timers: Timers
Telemetry Alarms
Voice Output Setting
Sensors & Data Logging
Telemetry & Data Display

Device Explorer Programming:

Central Box 200
Central Box 400
Receiver Programming & Channel Assignment
Receiver Satellite Setup

Third Party Devices:

Wireless Bridge Box Jeti to Spektrum DSM2 DSMX
Spirit Flybarless System Integration
Emcotec DPSI 2018 Power Distribution System

Basic Programming:

Basic Programming: Accelerometers
Basic Properties
Function & Switch Assignment
Servo Assignment
Servo Setup & Balancer
Throttle Cut & Idle (Other Model Options)

Advanced Programming:

Flight Modes & Flight Mode Trim
Dual Rate & Exponentials
Function Curves
Aileron Differential
Ailevator Mixing
V-Tail Mixing
Delta Elevon Mixing
Free Mix
Logical Switches
Snap Roll
Gyro Settings Menu

Helicopter Programming:

Heli Basic Setup