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Daniel Maiorano ,s TTU+ Specs: Oled display Full telemetric incl fuel consumption. Real time readout and transmission For Jeti- Spektrum-Graupner-Futaba All in one! Engines supported: Evojet Jadakofsky Jetcat Kingtech all versions Xicoy All versions Jetsmunt Lambert turbines Merlin engines All in one unit. You can use the TTU plus also as dashboard - mini GSU Shows all important stuff incl status messaging and real time fuel consumption. Hot refuel reset switch. Size : 50X35mm Weight 29 gram. Upgradable thru USB Available June-July 2019 You can pre order now and get a 10% discount For early birds! These are demonstrated at Pro-Wing Soon more news:
€80,00 incl. BTW

MB-339 Foam version

Our new MB339 is a small full composite/airex jet with awesome flight qualities and the best it comes in PNP all ready installed , servos MG Digital, electric retracts, door servos, pipe, tank UAT you need only to install your engine and receiver included Smoke and Light system Length 1850mm Wingspan 1790mm Dry weight all installed 7,8kg For Engines like K60, K70 or K85
€2349,00 incl. BTW

Felix Jet

Felix Jet Trainer
€999,00 incl. BTW

T-One Gear

JP Hobby ER-120 Metal Struts Set + Retracts + Wheels + Brakes (T-one jet T1 or planes up to 10kg)
€279,00 incl. BTW

Sebart PC-21 or Avanti S

JP Hobby ER-150 S Metal Struts Set + Retracts + Wheels + Brakes (Sebart PC 21 XL or Avanti S)
€625,00 incl. BTW


€475,00 incl. BTW

landing gear set ER200 3m T-One Jet

landing gear set ER200 3m T-One Jet
€749,00 incl. BTW

multifunction E-Retract Controller system

This new JP Hobby electronic module is used to control the animation sequences of retractable landing gear as well as doors. It can also be used with other enclosures equipped with integrated end of limit switches.
€45,00 incl. BTW